School Uniform
Wellesley Primary School has an identifying uniform. We believe that it encourages children to be neat and tidy for work; it fosters pride in school; it prevents discrimination; it reduces arguments about clothes at home and it makes recognition of pupils easier. Please support us by ensuring that your child is wearing full uniform and not the latest fashion accessories! Parents should inform the school by letter if there is a reason why a pupil cannot wear full school uniform.

Our uniform with the school logo is supplied by Monkhouse Schoolwear.  You can buy online or through their shop in Yate.

Visit their website:  https//

Please note that you can also buy your uniform from any supermarket or high-street shop without the logo.

 School Uniform

 PE Uniform

 White shirt or polo shirt (polo shirt available with logo)

 House colour t-shirt with or without the logo

 Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan (available with logo)

Blue shorts

Grey or blue pinafore dress or skirt


Dark grey, black or navy school trousers

Trainers (for outdoor PE)

Summer wear - blue gingham dress or grey or blue smart shorts

 Tracksuit (for cold weather)

 Blue, grey or white tights or socks

 Brown, navy or black shoes.  Wellington boots for wet weather/wet field activities

General Notes

No mini skirts or long skirts.
PE kit should include socks for girls if they come to school.
For safety reasons, open toe shoes/sandals, boots and trainers should not be worn in school.
Teachers can withdraw children from certain activity lessons if their clothing is a danger to their safety.
All items of clothing and footwear should be named with permanent labels.
Lost property is kept in the cloakrooms
Jewellery should not be worn in school.  Watches are allowed but should be named and remain the responsibility of the child.

1 pair of plain studs only in the lower lobe. Pupils must be able to remove them for PE/Swimming lessons.
Children should be able to remove/insert studs themselves - staff are not able to do this.  If they aren't able to do this it would be better to remove them at home on PE days particularly or for all school days if at all possible.
Children who do not comply with the earrings rule will not take part in any PE activity.
No other body piercing allowed.

New Piercings
In the first 6 weeks of piercing a micropore plaster needs to be provided by home. 

We have been advised by the leisure centre that there is no need to wear plasters over stud earrings in the pool as they generally do not stay on in the water but that the responsiblitiy lies with the parent if any accident should occur as a result of wearing earrings.

The NHS website states that while a new piercing is healing, activities such as swimming in a swimming pool should be avoided to reduce the risk of infection.  Lower ear lobes take 6-8 weeks to heal. 

If you are considering getting your child's ears pierced, please arrange to do so in the first week of the summer break so that the majoirity of the healing time can take place during the holidays.  Thank you for your co-operation.

The school cannot take any responsibility for an accident to your child as a result of wearing earrings or for lost or damaged earrings.

Nail Varnish
We ask that children do not wear nail varnish as it makes it difficult to check your child for finger injuries.