At Wellesley Primary School our curriculum to teaches specific art skills as well as providing opportunities to explore different media, concepts and artists, through creative and interactive lessons. Art is taught via four key areas:

painting and mixed media
sculpture and 3D
craft and design.

We use the Kapow Art scheme which has been carefully tailored to ensure that appropriate knowledge and skills are being developed, with the focus on progression across all year groups. We want our Art curriculum to ignite creativity, enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the subject. We want our children to appreciate the work of other artists, craft makers and architects; critiquing their work and using it as an inspiration for their own. We support the children to be personally reflective and evaluate their own creative journey. 


At Wellesley Primary School, Art is taught in alternating terms with Design and Technology.
Each year we hold an art week based on a key skill which the children really enjoy; we use the work they produce to create whole school displays which are celebrated. The children develop a portfolio of work as they progress through the school in the form of a sketch book.  We have identified the key knowledge and skills for each topic, with consideration given to ensuring progression across topics throughout each year group across the school.


Children at Wellesley are equipped with a broad and balanced Art curriculum and this is evidenced in their work and when you talk to the children. As pupils progress through the school, they develop an insight into the work of many artists; have opportunities to hone their artistic skills and appreciation. Art is assessed through observations of the children, discussions, the skills and knowledge they acquire and their finished work.

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Drawing: Marvellous marks
Painting: Salt Painting
Painting and Mixed Media: Paint my world
Sculpture and 3D: Creation station
Year 1

Drawing: Make your mark
Paint and Mixed Media: Colour splash
Sculpture and 3D: Paper play
Craft: Woven Wonders
Year 2

Drawing: Telling a story
Painting and Mixed Media: Life in colour
Sculpture and 3D: Clay houses
Craft and design: Draw it out
Year 3

Drawing: Growing Artists
Painting and Mixed Media: Prehistoric paintings
Sculpture and 3D: Abstract shape and space
Craft and Design: Ancient Egyptian scrolls
Year 4

Drawing: Power Prints
Painting and Mixed Media: Light and Dark
Craft and Design: Fabric of Nature

Year 5

Drawing: I need space
Painting and Mixed Media: Portraits
Sculpture and 3D: Interactive installation
Year 6

Drawing: Make my voice heard
Sculpture and 3D: Making memories
Craft and Design: Photo opportunity