Early Years Prime Learning

EYFS Prime Learning Goals

At Wellesley Primary School the learning experiences we offer are planned with consideration of the seven areas of learning and development within the EYFS Statutory Framework. All areas of learning and development are important and inter-connected.
The three prime areas are particularly important for building a foundation for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, forming relationships and thriving. As the children should develop, grow and make progress in the prime areas they will naturally develop skills within the four specific areas

Communication and Language

The development of children’s spoken language is paramount as it underpins all of the other seven areas of learning and development.
It is developed through quality interactions and conversations with the children throughout the day; commentating on their play and interests while always seeking to reinforce and extend the children’s vocabulary. The children are immersed in a language rich environment through frequent stories, non-fiction texts, poems, rhymes, storytelling and role play opportunities. Children are encouraged to engage in discussions, share their ideas and ask questions.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children’s personal, social and emotional development is crucial for children to lead healthy and happy lives; it is fundamental to their cognitive development. The children are supported to develop a positive sense of who they are, manage their emotions and consider others feelings. They learn to set themselves goals, make friends, solve conflicts, have confidence in their own abilities as well as develop perseverance and resilience. Through adult modelling and guidance, they will learn how to look after their bodies, including healthy eating, and manage personal needs independently. We also engage in a programme called My Happy Minds to help the children more aware of their personal wellbeing.
Physical Development

Physical development is split into gross and fine motor skill experiences. Gross motor skills are developed through PE lessons which have a particular focus each term; such as gym, dance, ball skills, team games and athletics. During child initiated play the children have free access to the outdoors where there are activities to strengthen their core and develop balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness. The children are encouraged to be active as we believe it underpins healthy bodies and minds. The children have lots of opportunities to develop their fine motor control through activities such as puzzles, small world toys, pegs, using tweezers and arts and crafts. These activities will allow the children to develop control, precision and hand-eye co-ordination which precede a comfortable pencil grip for writing.