At Wellesley Primary School, History is taught via key areas: change and continuity, cause and consequences, similarities and differences, sources of evidence, historical interpretation and historical significance. We use the Kapow History scheme which has been carefully tailored to ensure that appropriate knowledge, skills and historical vocabulary are developed, with the focus on progression across all year groups. We want our History curriculum to excite genuine interest in our pupils, inspire curiosity about the past and for them to gain a greater understanding of the past. Our curriculum develops their knowledge of Power and Monarchy, Achievements, Invasion, Settlement and Migration, Civilisation, Trade and Beliefs. History gives the children opportunities to investigate how the past has influenced the present.


History at Wellesley is taught from EYFS To Year 6. We have identified the key knowledge and skills for each topic, with consideration given to ensuring progression across topics throughout each year group across the school. Children revisit key objective ‘sticky knowledge’ quizzes every lesson to ensure their understanding is embedded. These are repeated in subsequent terms too. At the end of each unit the children’s knowledge and understanding is assessed against key objectives.


Children at Wellesley are equipped with a broad and balanced History curriculum and this is evidenced in their work and when you talk to the children. As pupils progress through the school, they develop a knowledge and understanding of historical events, key historical figures, historical achievements and how these have had an impact on our lives today.
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Peek into the past
Adventures through time
Year 1

How am I making history?
Hoy toys have changed
How have explorers changed the world?
Year 2

Schools in the past
How do we learn to fly?
What is a monarch?
Year 3

Would you prefer to live in the Stone, Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age?
How have children's lives changed?
What did the Ancient Egyptians believe?
Year 4

Why did the Romans settle in Britain?
How hard was it to invade and settle in Britain?
Were the Vikings raiders, traders or settlers?
Year 5

How did the Maya civilisation compare to the Anglo-Saxons?
What did the Greeks ever do for us?
What was life like in Tudor England?
Year 6

What does the census tell us about our local area?
What was the impact of WW2 on British people?
Who should be on banknotes?