Our Governors

Here at Wellesley we have a dedicated team of governors who work with the Headteacher to decide upon the strategic direction of the school, monitor and review the school development plan and ensure that all of our children receive an excellent all-round education.  As Governors we have a legal obligation to carry out 3 core functions, they are:

Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school.
Holding leaders to account for the educational performance of the school, its pupils and the performance of staff.
Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

To carry out our legal duties we hold Full Governing Body meetings 5 times a year and sub committees meet regularly throughout the year to look in detail at specific issues. Our Sub committees at present are Resources and Staffing & Curriculum

Governors can be elected Parent Governors, Co-opted Governors, Staff Governors and L.A. Governors. Each Governor has a Term of Office which lasts 4 years and can be extended if appropriate.

Each Governor is given a special responsibility, it could be a link subject e.g. English or an area e.g. Health & Safety, they are then responsible for liaising with staff and reporting back to the Full Governing Body. All Governors are expected to attend training sessions, visit the school regularly and keep up to date with local and national education issues. We talk to staff, parents & carers and most importantly the pupils to make sure Wellesley is providing an exciting and enriching education.

This is where you can find out more about the school's governors, and the work that we do.

Code of Conduct for Governors


The attendance record of governors at meetings of the governing body can be found here.
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For further information or to contact the governing body, please email the clerk to the governing body -

You can also contact the chair of the governing body, Stewart Osgood by emailing -