At Wellesley Primary School, Geography is taught via four key areas: place knowledge, locational knowledge, human and physical geography, and geographical skills and fieldwork. We use the Kapow Geography scheme which has been carefully tailored to ensure that appropriate knowledge and skills are being developed, with the focus on progression across all year groups. We want our geography curriculum to excite genuine interest in our pupils and for them to gain a greater understanding of the ways of life and cultures of people and places beyond Yate. Our curriculum develops their knowledge of places and environments throughout the world; their understanding of maps and their investigative and problem-solving skills both inside and outside the classroom. Geography gives the children opportunities to investigate environmental issues and to consider the legacy that we, as humans, will leave behind. As our pupils study geography, they encounter different societies and cultures and this helps them realise how nations rely on and support each other. Our children are inspired to think about their place in the world, their values and their rights and responsibilities to other people and the environment.


Geography at Wellesley is taught from EYFS To Year 6. We have identified the key knowledge and skills for each topic, with consideration given to ensuring progression across topics throughout each year group across the school. Children revisit key objective ‘sticky knowledge’ quizzes every lesson to ensure their understanding is embedded. These are repeated in subsequent terms too. The local area is fully utilised to learn fieldwork skills, with opportunities to learn outside the classroom.


Children at Wellesley are equipped with a broad and balanced Geography curriculum and this is evidenced in their work and when you talk to the children. As pupils progress through the school, they develop a knowledge and understanding of both human and physical geography and appreciate their local area and its place within the wider world.

Read our Geography Intent

Exploring maps
Outdoor adventures
Year 1

What is it like here?
What is is like to live in Shanghai?
What is the weather like in the UK?
Year 2

Would you prefer to live in a hot or cold country?
Why is our world wonderful?
What is it like to live by the coast?
Year 3

Are all settlements the same?
Who lives near volcanoes?
Who lives in the Antarctic?
Year 4

What are rivers and how they are formed?
Why are rainforests important to us?
Where does our food come from?
Year 5

What is life like in the Alps?
Why do oceans matter?
Would you like to live in the desert?
Year 6

Why does population change?
Where does our energy come from?
How can we make our areas more environmentally friendly?