Year 6 Maths

This term Y6 children will be covering number, multiplication, division and fractions. They will have the opportunity to develop further all four written methods in a problem solving context.  In fractions, decimals and percentages, they will be asked to find equivalents and also fractions and percentages of numbers and quantities. Children will also have daily mental methods opportunities.


In the Spring Term, Year 6 will be covering number, decimals, percentages, algebra, ratio and statistics. The children will be given the opportunity to develop all four operations further with a stronger emphasis on problem solving. They will have the chance to explore negative numbers and further their understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. They will also be able to look at a range of ways data can be presented and given the chance to interpret information.  They will be introduced to the terms mean, medium, mode and range. They will also learn about probability. Their shape and space this term will focus on estimating and measuring angles. They will be taught how to visualise and describe movements of shapes across quadrants on a grid by using the terms; rotation, translation and reflection.


In their final term, Year 6 will sit their SATs (test in reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling set by the Department for Education) in May. Before these we will revisit all National Curriculum Mathematical learning. In small groups children will focus on specific areas dependent on need.  After SATs the childfren will complete post SATs project work.