Year 6 English

This term Y6 children will be covering fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. Children will be reading and studying the text ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ and 'Ice Palace'. They will explore characterisation through text and film, and will develop and write their own defeating the monster stories. They will also explore figurative language through figurative poetry.

All non-fiction writing will link to The Mayans, which is the history topic for term 2.

Through all of this work, children will be learning correct grammar and punctuation, including different word classes (noun, adjective, verb etc), verb tenses, Standard English and using commas correctly.


In English the children will continue to study English Grammar with a focus on different verb forms, including active and passive sentences. 

Through holding a class debate they will develop their speaking and listening skills. The fiction focus for this term will be alternative endings to the ‘Voyage and Return’ story based on the British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. The children will also explore a range of historical recounts and a ‘Warning story’ through their topic based on Antartica.

The children will then learn about World War II, and in their writing, focus on creating atmosphere and dialogue.  The children will develop their use of punctuation to include more advanced forms such as semi-colons.
The children will develop their use of punctuation to include more advanced forms such as semi-colons and colons.


In their final term, Year 6 will sit their SATS (tests in Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling set by the Department for Education) in May. The children will explore World War II, and in their writing focus on setting and atmosphere.  In small groups children will be focusing on their reading comprehension skills and why authors select particular words in their writing styles. 

In grammar and punctuation, children will be looking at different types of sentence structures, revising word classes, Standard English and revising all the different punctuation marks.

After their SATS, children will read and perform work by William Shakespeare; they will also develop their end of year production.