Year 5 English

To begin the year, Year 5 will be revising key grammar skills from Year 4.  We will be reading and studying the book 'The Fastest Boy in the World' by Elizabeth Laird.  This will be used to enhance the class' inference when reading and also to encourage empathy with children living in different cultures, i.e. Ethiopia, Africa.  The children will plan and write their own 'Voyage and Return' stories based on this book.  We will also be reading and writing poetry on the theme of Messages - to link to National Poetry Day.  Year 5 will study different poetry forms and the use of language and its effect on the reader.

After half-term we will move onto the legend of Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxons.  We will read the legend and use this to write our own powerful descriptions of Grendel the monster.  We will learn how to enhance our writing with similes, metaphors and personification.  Children will plan and write their own 'Defeating the Monster' story based on the legend.  They will also use their knowledge of the Anglo-Saxons to write in a non-fiction style and create factual reports on aspects of their life.  They will also practice taking notes from research.

In grammar and punctuation, Year 5 will be consolidating their work from Year 4 and revising the different word classes.  We will be focusing on using speech marks and apostrophes accurately as well as positioning commas effectively in sentences.

Year 5 will be revising Year 4 spelling work in the first term and then we will begin the Year 5 ReadWriteInc spelling curriculum.


In Term 3, Year 5 will be studying the Jules Verne novel, 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth.'  Children will be learning how to use adverbs, modal verbs and embedded clauses in their sentences.  They will plan their own characters and a Voyage and Return story to the centre of the earth.  This will lead into writing explanation texts about the structure of the earth and different natural disasters to link with their geography topic.

In Term 4, we will be reading 'Raiders' by Lynne Benton.  This book is a time-slip story between the Viking and modern times; this links to our Viking topic in History.  The class will be focusing on verb tenses and how to write complex plots.  They will then innovate their own time-slip story.  Following this, they will studying newspaper articles and how to write headlines, quotes and fact vs opinion.  They will then draft their own newspaper articles about a Viking raid.


This term the children will be studying classic narrative poetry and the class will be learning Alfred Noyes' poem, 'The Highway Man.'  They will develop their performance techniques by rehearsing and reading a section of the peom, and we will then evaluate the performance of their peers.  They will study the poem in stages unpicking the characters' feelings and emotions.  They will particularly look at the language used and the narrative style of poem.  This will lead on to writing diary entries.

In term 6, the class will be reading the classic story 'The Wind in the Willows.'  They will be studying characterisation and figurative language to create their own extended chapter adventure featuring Mr Toad.  The class will be practicing all the writing skills they have learned in Year 5.

They will also be performing with intonation and expression to an audience in the Y5 and Y6 end of year production.