Year 4 English

In the first half of the Autumn term our work will be centered around a short film called 'Soar'.  The children will look in detail at characterisation and speech punctuation, before developing their own characters which they will use to write their own stories.  Children will learn to start their sentences in different ways by using fronted adverbials.  Children will also study biographies of famous people from aviation history.  After half-term our work will be based around the Ancient Greeks.  Children will look at Traditional Tales (using Greek Myths) and non-chronological reports.  Children will develop their use of word choices to engage the reader.  They will also develop their use of conjunctions as a way of extending and expanding upon their ideas. The children will also use similies in poetry.


In this term, Year 4 will be reading Leon and Place Between by Angela MacAllister.  They will use this as the basis to write their own 'Voyage and Return' story focusing on using expanded noun phrases and vocabulary for effect.    The children will use their learning in science to write an explanation text for how the water cycle works.  In the second half of the term, the children will be focussing on developing the style of their non-fiction writing based on the Great Barrier Reef.  The children will write reports about the Great Barrier Reef, will discuss the destruction of the reef and write persuasive letters about this.  They will continue to develop their use of a wider range of conjunctions and sentence lengths in order to extend their use of different sentence styles.  Children will also learn about the plural possessive apostrophe.


In the final term, Year 4 will be studying the stories of Robin Hood.  The children will concentrate on developing their description of character and setting as they write their own Rags to Riches stories.  The children will also learn about the use of continuous and perfect forms of verbs in the past and present tense.  After half-term, our topic will be on The Romans and we will focus our writing on a warning story called 'Escape from Pompeii.'  As part of transistion, they will also write instructions for the new Year 4 class.  These units are very flexible, depending on the needs of the children and whether any writing skills taught earlier in the year need further consolidation.