Year 2 English

Katie in London and The Teddy Robber

We will begin the year by reading Katie in London.  We will recap on word families and use abjectives to describe characters and settings.  Children will then write their own adventure story.  We will also write diary entries, linking to the topic of the Great Fire of London.  We will write our own fire poems linkd to the Great Fire of London.

After half-term our 'lost and found' text (The Teddy Robber) will allow children the opportunity to describe settings and characters.  They will also write a non-chronological report about Toys.


George and the Dragon and Meerkat Mail

We will learn to make interesting vocabulary choices and develop our use of conjunctions to create a variety of different sentences.  We will write our own story and we will write instruction about how to trap and train a dragon.  We will also write instructions for making dragon wing cakes.

We will write a quest story about an animal in Africa.  We will write a persuasive leaflet using commands and persuasive language about a tourist attraction in Kenya.


The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark and The Mousehole Cat

This term will focus on nocturnal animals and children will learn a story about a character who comes out at night.  We will think more about character traits when writing descriptions and children will continue to vary sentence types and structures.  We will learn to write in the correct tense, as well as building on our existing knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

We will link our learning in science to our writing and create a report about nocturnal animals.  In the second half of the term, we will learn about a place in Cornwall during Victorian times before writing a descriptive narrative and some sea-themed poetry.