Year 6 Creative

Year 6’s topics this term:

Beyond The Wardrobe:
‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ will provide the focus for much of the children’s work in Term 1. They will look at painting and colour mixing in art, before creating their own painting based on the story. The children will also look at maps and grid references.  In Science, the children will be learning about changes that form new materials.

The Mayans:
The children will explore the life and customs of the Ancient Maya civilization. In Computing, the children will focus on E-Safety. The children will also create their own free standing Mayan Structure.  The science the chidlren will be revisiting and learning about a range of different topics.


Year 6’s topic this term:

Our topic will be based on the British Explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.  This will involve map work, locating oceans, continents and countries, and a more in depth country study of Antartica. 

The Battle of Britain:
The children will learn about WW2 and in particular the impact that the Battle of Britain had on the course of the war and the effect of being an island nation had on the attempts to invade. In cooking, the children will prepare a meal using rations.


In Summer term 1, the children will sit their SATs (tests in Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling set by the Department for Education).  Their topic will continue to be World War 2 and how the local area was affected during the war.

Our final topic in the summer term will be our end of year production. This will include English work, art and DT to make props, costumes and scenery. Children will also be involved in singing, dancing and drama.
  The children will also take part in a block of Forest School lessons and a residential trip to Hooke Court.