Year 5 Creative

In this topic year 5 will learn about who the Anglo Saxons were and why they came to England. We will study aspects of their daily life such as village life, their clothing, religion, the Saxon Army, famous Saxon leaders, famous Saxon stories and the archaeological finds at Sutton Hoo.


The Highwayman came riding....All of year 5’s learning is based around Alfred Noyes’ poem The Highwayman. The children will be studying the poem in stages. In English we will be writing from the characters point of view, creating our own poems, writing newspaper reports and then writing a diary based on the narrative. All of our art, science and ICT topics this term will be linked to the poem. 


In Term 5, the children's work will be based on 'Oranges in No Man's Land,' our class book.  They will be writing their own quest story and persuasive letters in English.  Geography will be linked to the class text; the children will be learning how to locate countries, the general characteristics of a country, its Land-use and the climate Zone.  Science will be Forces; the children will investigate friction, air resistance, magnetism and gravity.  In art the children will be making their own relief print from a sketch and then printing.

Our topic in Term 6 is based around the invasion of the Vikings and how they influenced Britain.  The children will be designing, making and testing their own Viking long boats in DT and will also base their creative projects around our history unit.  The children will be writing poems inspired and about social media and will then be writing an adventure story linked to our class book, 'Raiders.'  Science will be about all living things, we will be studying life cycles of plants and different types of animals and how the heart works.