Year 3 Creative

This term our work will initially be based around 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne and will be followed by 'Stig of the Dump' as we learn about the Stone Age and Iron Age.  Geography will involve learning the 8 points of a compass, plotting coordinates, map symbols and identifying countries of Europe and cities and counties in the UK using an atlas.  In food technology we will be developing our measuring and baking skills making a cupcake to deliver to grandma and in art we will recreate ancient cave paintings using charcoal.


In geography we will be looking at Wonders of the World, specifically rivers and mountains.  We will use maps to locate the rivers, seas and mountains of the UK whilst learning about the role and location of our countries.  Our DT will be linked to our English as we create Aesop's Fables themed Beebot covers using strenghening and stiffening techniques.  We will also paint pictures of riverside scenes in a Pointillist style.  We will practise using a cheese grater to make pizzas and, having taste-tested different fruit juice 'mocktails', we will use a citrus squeezer in making our own recipes.


We will continue our geography for the year by looking at time zones whilst in DT we will make models of mythical animals using levers and linkages.  Our topic of Ancient Egypt will provide links across many curricular areas.  We will add to our historical timeline and draw comparisons between ancient civilisations and our own.  We will be thinking about why the Nile was so important and consider land use then and now.  We will be sculpting and painting canopic jars as well as making flat bread.  During this term we will also learn about different knots and build our own shelters in forest schools.