Year 2 Creative

We will begin the year with a history based topic based on the ‘Great Fire of London’. The children will learn all about life in London at the time of the fire, the reasons why the fire spread so quickly and the changes made after the fire. In science the focus will be materials, the properties of different materials and how they are used to make different things.
The children will paint pictures based on the Great Fire of London and will learn about colour mixing.  We will also look at portraits and paint a portraits of Samuel Pepys.
Our ICT will be based on a coding programme and we will use Espresso coding to move objects around a screen.

After half term our topic will be ‘Toys’. We will explore how toys from the past differ from toys that children play with today.  We will look at the different materials used to make toys.  We will make our own Christmas stockings and make Christmas cards.  In ICT the children will learn about E-safety.


Our topic for the term is 'Dangerous Dragons'. Our Science is based on recyclable materials and they will learn how to join different materials.  In ICT they will find out how to create posters and use different fonts.  They will also look at thow to use animation to tell a story.  They will make Dragon's wings cakes and write instructions for how to make them.

After half term our topic is African adventure. We will learn about the oceans and continents around the world.  We will also learn about the 'big 5' and different African animals. We will look at examples of African art and use printing to create our own pictures.  The children will make Easter biscuits and find out about how Easter is celebrated.


Year 2's topic this term is 'Nocturnal Animals' and their habitats.  Children will use clay to make owls.  We will do some outdoor learning and make animal shelters and bug hotels.  We will spend some time exploring the Victorians, particularly Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Victorian engineering.  Our trip this term will be to visit the SS Great Britain.

Later in the term our topic will be the seaside.  We will focus on seaside holidays past and present and the changing use of the coastline of Britain.  This topic will also allow children the opportunity to improve their art and design skills as they will use weaving to create a seaside scene and make paper mache puppets. Science will involve improving understanding of the human body and considering the way it works and how we can keep it healthy.