Year 1 Creative
Autumn Term

During the first term our topic is bears.  In geography the children will explore the school grounds through the Forest School sessions.  They will also learn about the physical and human features of the local environment during a visit to Wapley Woods.  Through science the children will think about the seasons and weather.  Art work will be based on colour mixing and painting.

During our space topic in Term 2 the history topic will be based on famous people; we will focus on Neil Armstrong and Tim Peak.  In DT the children will explore making moving pictures and in art they will have the opportunity to use clay.  We will learn about how to keep ourselves safe online in computing lessons.

Spring Term

In term 3 the topic is pets; our science will be based on experimenting with objects to find those that float and sink.  The art work will be based on collage; we will make natural collages outside, weather permitting.  In geography we will explore the local area that we live in.

Superheroes is the topic this term, the children will think about the superpowers superheroes have; so in history, we will focus upon real life superheroes such as Florence Nightingale.  The children will learn the importance of the things they did in their lives and the effect that has had on the way we live today.  Our science will continue to explore seasonal changes.  Our DT will focus upon food, particularly slicing fruit and vegetables; we will also think about how the fruit and vegetables were grown.

Summer Term

This term the children will become knights and princessess as we think about castles; we will discover what life would have been like living in a castle.  The children will look at the three main types of castle and why they were changed and developed through time.  In DT we will look at axels and moving vehicles, the children will be given the opportunity to make either a fixed or moving axle.  Our science will focus upon plants, the children will learn what plants need to survive and have a competition to see who can grow the largest beanstalk.

Witches and wizards is the topic in term 5.  In science we will be thinking about animals including humans; looking at similarities and differences.  In geography we will find about the countries that make up the UK.  We will be using charcoal to draw pictures in art.  In computing the focus will be collecting and representing data.