Competitive Sports

Festival of Youth Sport

Every year we participate in the  sporting event organised by South Gloucestershire Council. The children get the chance to choose from a variety of sports to be coached in prior to the event.
School Trips

Y1 & Y2 Joint Trip to S.S. Great Britain

The children had fun exploring the decks of the ship and finding out what life would have been like aboard the vessel during the days when it travelled the world's oceans.
Sports Day

Annual Sports Day

Parents join us at lunchtime to join their children for a BBQ organised by FoWS. Traditional races take place in the afternoon cheered on by parents. A cup is awarded the House winners.

Typical Events


Hooke Court
Charity Events

Comic Relief

The school supports Red Nose Day and children donate money to wear their own clothes provided it is something funny.  Activities take place during the day.
Talent Show

Wellesley's Got Talent

During the year we hold our talent show.  Each class holds auditions and the top two acts from each class are invited to take part in the grand finale.