Our science curriculum provides the foundations for understanding the world through the study of biology, chemistry and physics.  Through our science work we aim to help children develop enquiring, curious minds with a sense of excitement about natural  phenomena.  They are encouraged to ask questions, make predictions and analyse results whilst accumulating knowledge.  Wherever possible, science lessons are practical and children plan and carry out investigations and communicate their ideas in a variety of ways.  Our work is based on resources by Tom Robson (Tredu Education).

Year 1

Animals including humans (naming animals and body parts)
Seasonal Changes
Naming and identifying the structures of plants
Identifying everyday materials

Year 2

What makes plants grow
Properties and uses of everyday materials
Animals including humans (offspring and basic needs)

Year 3

Rocks, Fossils & Soils
Animals including humans (skeleton and muscles)
Forces and magnets

Year 4

Animals including humans (digestion, teeth and food chains)
Living things (classification)
States of Matter

Year 5

Earth and Space
Human & Life Processes (growth and development)
Living things (life cycles and reproductions in some animals)

Year 6

Review of Key Stage 2 Topics