The Music curriculum at Wellesley Primary School aims to ensure that all children perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions, including the works of the great composers and musicians.  The children will learn to sing, create and compose music on their own and with others, and have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.  They will explore how music is created, produced and communicated.

We use the Charanga Music World scheme of work which is supported by the South Gloucestershire Music Service.

Year 1

Hey You
Little angel gets her wings (Christmas Play)
In the Groove
Rhythm in the way we walk & banana rap
Round & Round
Reflect, Rewind & Replay

Year 2

Hands, Feet, Heart
Babushka (Christmas Play)
Glokenspiel Stage 1
I wanna play in a band
Reflect, Rewind & Replay

Year 3

Let your spirit fly
Ho, Ho, Ho
Glokenspiel Stage 2
Benjamin Britten - There was a monkey
Three Little Birds
Reflect, Rewind & Replay

Year 4

Mamma Mia
Five Gold Rings
Glokenspiel Stage 3
Benjamin Britten - Cuckoo lean on me
Reflect, Rewind & Replay

Year 5

Don't Stop Believin'
Bells ring out
Classroom Jazz 1
Benjamin Britten - A tragic story
Reflect, Rewind & Replay

Year 6

Livin' on a Prayer
Benjamin Britten - A New Year carol
Classroom Jazz 2
Fresh Prince of Bel Air