Art is an exciting subject which all children can access at their individual level.  At Wellesley we teach the skills of drawing, painting, print making, collage, creating a 3D format and skills relating to textiles.  The children will be encouraged to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination.  Within the creative curriculum there are many opportunities for the children to utilize their skills and select their own resources and materials.  Three times during the year the children have the opportunity to explore a wide range of medium, sometimes creating an individual masterpiece or working with collectively with others on a bigger project.

Children are encouraged to talk about the work of a range of artists, craft makers, architects and designers; describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, finally making links to their own work.  Key Stage 2 children will be encouraged to develop a portfolio of their own work in the form of a sketch book.  A common theme at the end of a piece of work will be that the children are asked to reveiw what they have done and discuss how they feel about their work, what they might change or how they would develop the work future art work.  Children's art work will be celebrated and be the focus of many eye-catching displays within school.

Year 1

Drawing: for different purposes using a variety of media
Painting: mix & match colours
Collage: use natural & man-made materials for texture
3D: use malleable materials to create a 3D form
Textiles: match & sort fabrics
Printing: create repeating patterns

Year 2

Drawing: in response to a range of different stimuli
Painting: mix a range of colours using primary colours
Collage: create images from a variety of media
3D: change the surface of a malleable material
Textiles: apply shapes/decortion using glue or stitches
Printing: explore relief & resist printing blocks

Year 3

Drawing: draw imaginatively
Painting: mix secondary colours
Collage: experiment with tearing, overlapping and layering
3D: plan, design & make models from observation or imagination
Textiles: create textural effects
Printing: create a printing block

Year 4

Drawing: use a range of techniques to create texture
Painting: mix tints & shades of colours
Collage: collect ideas and information to build a visual vocabulary
3D: create surface textures & patterns
Textiles: develop skills in stitching, cutting & joining material
Printing: create blocks using a relief or impressed method

Year 5

Painting: develop a painting from a drawing
Drawing: work from a variety of sources
Collage: add collage to a painted or drawn background
3D: shape, form, model & construct from observation or imagination
Textiles: use fabric to create 3D structures
Printing: create printing blocks using a sketch book idea

Year 6

Drawing: create a detailed drawing
Painting: mix & match colours to create atmosphere & light
Collage: use collage as a means of extending work from initial ideas
3D: produce inticate patterns & textures in malleable materials
Textiles: use different grades of threads & needles
Printing: create prints in 3 overlays