School Life


All the children in Wellesley School are assigned to one of four houses: Rowan, Oak, Hawthorn or Maple.

At the beginning of each year the children vote for a boy and a girl to act as a house captain and lead their house. Thoroughout the year children compete against other houses in a range of academic and sporting activities such as sports day, football tournaments, spelling and maths competitions. Cups are award to the winning house which are then proudly displayed in the school entrance area.

Children also receive points for their houses to reward good manners, behaviour and work. A cup is presented to the house at the end of each term who have collected the most points. Children are also presented with certificates for each set of ten house points which they are awarded.

Children also attend a special house assembly once a month which is organised and lead by their house captains.

School Council

The School Council is made up of two representatives from each class in the school.  It meets once a month to consider issues which have been raised during class council meetings.

So far the School Council has:-

Helped to decide upon rules for playtimes.
Organise fund-raising for Comic Relief and Children in Need
Purchased books for book corners

Playground Buddies

Our older pupils set up an area of the playground with play equipment and offer to help if a child does not have anyone to play with.  Their aim is to ensure everyone has a happy playtime. 

The Friends of Wellesley School (FoWS)

The school is very fortunate to be supported by an active parent teachers association who strive to provide a mix of fund raising and social activities throughout the year, for the pupils, their families and the local community. Fows always welcome help from new families joining the school. 

Fund raising has provided:

Books for the KS1 reading scheme
Paid for ipads for use in the classroom
Contributed towards the new play equipment in Reception class
Contributed towards the new library
Bought the school visit security bands
Pays for the Y6 leaving gift

You can contact FOWS by email -