Design and Technology

The Design and Technology curriculum enables children to develop knowledge and skills in a fun and practical way.  It gives children the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding in materials and components, mechanisms and control systems, structures, existing products, quality and health and safety.

Children acquire practical, scientific and mathematical skills, apply computing and art skills.

Design and Technology also encompasesses food technology.  The children in each year group will have regular opportunities to handle foodstuffs and bake in the children's kitchen.  Their creations may link to the termly topic or be to teach a specific skill.

Year 1

Adding materials to construction Kits to add realism
Using a simple lever, hinge & sliding mechanism to create movement
Range of Materials to make models

Year 2

Cutting skills
Selecting Materials
Finishing Techniques

Year 3

Making solid shapes using packaging
Making models using pulleys and simple pneumatic systems
Strengthen, stiffen and reinforce structures
Healthy Eating
Measuring and Baking
Where does it grow?

Year 4

Join fabrics by using a variety of stitches
Design a product using electrical & mechanical components
To mould materials to make different shapes e.g. clay

Year 5

Using gears and cams in models
Using Science skills to alter the way electrical products behave in a design

Year 6

Supporting & Strengthening structures that I make using textiles
Joining textiles using stitching & decorating with embroidery
Designing models using gears, cam, wheels, axles, motors, switches & circuits